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The following base Sri Lanka GIS Data sets available for download.

  • We have used WinRAR to break any files over 100mb up.
  • Please download them all into the same directory (and without changing the name) and then right mouse click on the 1st file and go to extract here and click ok.
  • SLWCS has scanned the files for viruses but we cannot be held liable for issues that arise from the download or use of these products.
  • They are released for non-commercial, research use only.
  • If any information is published SLWCS must be consulted and due credit along with all final data will need to be sent to SLWCS.

By downloading and using these products you automatically agree with these conditions.


Conservation GIS -Basic Course Lectures delevired by SLWCS during the course from February 17th to the 21st at Peradeniya University, Kandy with the GISSL and SCGIS.



Field_GIS_ Data-Collection-Protocols


GIS for Survey and Estate Management Initital introductory lecture and discussion for students in Survey and Estate Management at the University of Sri Jaywawardenepura, Sri Lanka. gis-USG-Talk-Nov6.ppt
Fundamentals of GIS Powerpoint on fundamentals of GIS for the SLWCS Outdoor Education Program. Sept 2007. GIS, GPS and Geography Fundamentals-SLWCS-OEEP.ppt
GIS-Data Collection Form Form and instructions for collection of GPS Data for SLWCS GIS use -covers georeferencing raster data (maps and aerial photos), gathering data on roads, trails, landuse etc (vector) and parcel mapping. sehp-gis_form-Feb20
Village Boundaries

From highest to lowest we have..included example.

1. Nation: Democratic Socialist Government of Sri Lanka...head is president with parliamnent
2. Province: North Western (Puttalam project) and Central Province (Wasgamuwa Project)...the head is called the Governor. We have 9 provinces.
3. District: Puttalam and Matale (Wasgamuwa) -head is called the Government Agent (GA). We have 25 Districts.
4. Division (DSD): Karuwalagasweva (Puttalam) and Wilgamuwa (Wasgamuwa) -head is called Divisional Secretary (DS) or Associate Government Agent (AGA). We have 292 Divisions.
5. Grama Niladari Division (GND): this is a village or community and the head is the Grama Niladari, We have 13,994 villages.
6. Subvillages: these do exist but they are administered as part of the GND.

ALL the above positions are chosen by one level up and are not always local to the area. The choise of person is heavilly influenced by the Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs and national and local politics.

Sometimes (as in Puttalam) a name is repeated twice...for example it is Karuwalagaswewa village, Karuwalagaswewa division, Puttalam District, North Western Province.

These represent SLWCS's current project sites





1:50,000 Topographic Sheets The Survey dept of Sri Lanka has framed Sri Lanka into a set of 94. 1:50,000 scale topographic sheets. SLWCS uses this as a standard for maintaining it's district level data as conservation is not limited to administrative boundaries. SL-SurveyDeptTopoFrame
Conversions and Projections

Due to a number of issues with georeferencing files in Sri Lanka between the WGS 84-UTM 44N and Kandawella projection, SLWCS created a projection set called Kandapola/SLWCS.

Note: C2GIS/SLWCS will be using WGS-84-UTM 44N as it's projection standard as the conversion factors rather than the SL-Survey Dept Stadard of

Longitude Origin E 80.7717
Scale factor 0.9999238
False Easting 200000 meters
False Northing -573991 meters

Projects ; Base Data ; Maps and Products ; Background and Uses ; Plans ; Resources @ SLWCS

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